Happy New Year!‚Äč

At the close of a tremendous year, possibly our most successful yet, we're looking forward to implementing some exciting new features of the Agrostis service in 2019.  

This year saw the very effective use of our Dynamic Cone Penetrometer.  This apparatus measures the structural stability of the soil, essential information for the successful design of artificial sports pitches.  Along with the BRE365 infiltration testing we have also been undertaking, this allows us to gather all of the information required by contractors to enable them successfully, and most cost effectively, to install, for example, 3G football pitches.

By springtime we're intending to be fully CAA qualified in the professional use of our new DRONE for sports facility evaluation.  Of course we can use this to obtain lovely aerial photographs of golf courses etc, but the main aim is to achieve the speedy and accurate evaluation of ground cover.  This will be most useful for example in establishing the extent of renovation works necessary following public events, rock concerts etc.  We're also anticipating its use in Sport England or Football Foundation project site assessments but its come into use already in the evaluation of the effects foon ground cover of events such as 'Winterville' at Clapham Common.

So we're very much looking forward to 2019, Brexit or otherwise!  Do get in touch if you think we may be able to help you.