Current projects​

Now that spring has finally sprung, Agrostis projects are starting or re-starting, and we're getting stuck in to a busy season helping create some fantastic sports surfaces.  Current project values range from £20 k to £750 k but, whatever the scale, our clients can be sure of the same level of expertise being available to them.

​Sports turf agronomy also looks exciting with visits planned to some great golf courses and grass sport venues.  In addition, Expert Witness work seems to be expanding, perhaps reflecting the litigious world in which we live.  Here, as with all our work, Agrostis' fiercely preserved independence is crucial to our integrity and reputation.

​Increasingly, Agrostis expertise is being sought in relation to the satisfying of planning conditions, in particular relating to flood prevention associated with sports pitch developments, natural and artificial.  As a result, we've built up a wealth of experience in this area.

​If you own, maintain or are thinking of creating a new outdoor sports facility, of natural turf or otherwise, Agrostis can help, whether as specialist sports pitch consultants, designers or agronomists with decades of experience in the industry.
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