When particle size matters...

I particularly like this catchphrase used by Endecotts to market their internationally-regarded products which are sieves.

We've recently acquired a range of these precision instruments so that Agrostis can now analyse particle size distribution in-house f​or all forms of aggregates used in sports surfaces including sands, gravels, sub-base materials etc.

In recent years, people seem to have lost interest in the complex relationships that exist between particle size distribution and critical performance factors such as porosity, bulk density and hydraulic conductivity in aggregates used in sports surfaces, both natural and artificial.  But we've remained acutely aware of how important these real physical phenomena are and are central to all that we do.

So our new sieves compliment our existing laboratory and field testing equipment, ultimately helping us deliver the highest standards of sports surfaces to our clients. 

'They went to sea in a sieve, they did, in a sieve they went to sea:...' (Edward Lear)