Agrostis acquire PfCO​ for commercial drone operation

After undergoing extensive training and taking the necessary examination, we have successfully achieved approval to use of our drone for commercial operations, the so called PfCO.  This means we can supplement all of our site investigation and project monitoring work with impressive aerial photography and we're very much looking forward to doing this on all of our projects in 2020.  Our PfCO here.

But we are interested in using drones to achieve much more than this.  We're particularly interested in fitting our drone with more specialised cameras, multi-spectral sensors, that are able to detect variations in plant health.  This approach has been used widely in agriculture and we believe has value in all areas of natural turf management, not least in achieving a more precise, and consequently more economical and environmentally sound, application of fertiliser and/or water.  Better for your budget.  Better for the environment.  See here for further information.

We've also continued to expand our Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) design facility.  See here for details.