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Agrostis events


Outdoor events in public open spaces have increased in popularity in recent years. These attract very large crowds indeed and, although the events may last only a few days, they can have a very damaging effects on the ground cover and overall appearance of well-loved public parks. This of course has to be made good as quickly as possible. 

In these situations, Agrostis undertake ‘before and after’ assessments of the site. Advice is provided in advance to minimise the likely extent of damage brought about and then to enable the event organiser to restore the site to its original condition.


Very often, this approach is imposed as a planning requirement by the local authority who are usually also the owner of the parks.

Examples of sites where Agrostis have been extensively involved before and after major events include:

  • Clapham Common (Wandsworth/Lambeth)

  • Brockwell Park (Lambeth)

  • Victoria Park (Tower Hamlets)

  • Heaton Park (Manchester)

  • Highbury Park (Birmingham)

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