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Agrostis expert witness

Expert Witness

Tim Lodge is a registered expert witness and is regularly called upon to provide Expert Witness reports on sports surface and soil/landscape/drainage-related situations where litigation is, or could be, involved. These may be related to injury, inappropriate materials and installation methods, inappropriate or inadequate design or maintenance procedures and contractual disagreements. Reports are of course prepared in a manner suitable for presentation to the court and court appearances are undertaken when required.


True expertise is arrived at through knowledge, observation and experience. Tim Lodge's research work and PhD on the construction and maintenance of golf greens represents just the starting point of over 30 years of learning in the fields of natural grass and artificial turf technology. Just as the plane crash survivors needed the geeky model aircraft designer, played by Hardy Krüger, to get them out of the desert in the classic 1965 film 'The Flight of the Phoenix', the world needs its geeks and, in his own particular sphere, Tim is possibly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced geeks around!

Hardy Kruger

Tim is to be found on a number of expert witness agencies including:

UK Register of Expert Witnesses

The UK Register of Expert Witnesses serves as a vital resource, meticulously curating a directory of accredited professionals in diverse specialisms, including agronomy. It underpins legal integrity by connecting courts with credible, vetted experts, ensuring the highest standards of evidence are upheld in judicial proceedings and facilitating fair, informed decisions.


Your Witness

Your Witness functions as a dynamic online portal for legal professionals to find and engage with expert witnesses across a wide range of disciplines. It simplifies the search for expertise with user-friendly navigation, promoting ease of access while cultivating connections between the legal community and specialists ready to provide essential testimony.

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