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Agrostis project management

Project Management

This is without doubt the most enjoyable and exciting part of our work as we watch projects actually come together on the ground. If all of the preparatory work has been completed and our design specification is being followed closely a successful conclusion and handover should be inevitable. Unexpected issues can arise, however, and we monitor the progress of the works so that these eventualities do not become significant problems.

We also ensure that the materials and methods we have described are closely adhered to. For natural turf projects, our understanding of soil, grass and the weather is often crucial. You will also want the reassurance that your money is being spent as was agreed when the contract was awarded so we will check all payment applications against what we see on site. We tend to work only with contractors in whom we have the utmost confidence but everyone can make mistakes!

Sand Carpet Integration

A frequently-used technique for preparing community or club-standard sports pitches is to incorporate a sand carpet. It depends on the circumstances of course but 50 mm of the right kind of sand usually needs to be integrated with the topsoil just enough to create the perfect rootzone in which the grass seed may establish. The stone burier in the video has just been set up under our guidance to achieve this.

Pipe Drainage

The need or otherwise for pipe drainage varies greatly depending on the site’s soil characteristics. Too much drainage is costly and wasteful, too little results in unacceptable ground conditions, particularly during the winter.

Secondary Drainage

If the hydraulic conductivity of the topsoil is low, rainwater may not be able to reach pipe drains sufficiently quickly to achieve satisfactory ground conditions. In that eventuality, it may be appropriate to incorporate secondary drainage systems acting in the topsoil. The most effective of these is slit drainage, the incorporation of which may be seen below. 

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